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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Property Managers and Community Boards of Directors:

Amazingly, Dominion Virginia Power and PEPCO are both still processing significant lighting rebate requests and issuing hundreds of thousands of dollars from their lighting rebate programs; these rebates are being sent to commercial property owners who replace outdated lighting technology with more efficient solutions and are reducing the cost of lighting purchases by up to 90% in many instances.  

Most of today's energy efficient lighting technologies, such as LED, will reduce power consumption by over 50% compared to legacy technologies, while extending longevity between 3 - 50 times.

While the funding of the current rebate programs has lasted longer than expected (significantly longer than the short-lived 2012 programs), like many other energy incentive programs in the US, these programs are scheduled to terminate whether or not the remaining funding is depleted over the course of the next year.

Successfully securing rebates has proven to be a highly technical process, requiring precision in recommended product and in documentation; there have been many rejected applications, particularly by Dominion Virginia Power, regarding installations that do not meet rapidly evolving specification requirements at the time of submission.  

Green Light Energy offers a free walk through service that quantifies in writing the lighting rebates available to you.  We are experienced in successfully interfacing with the PEPCO and Dominion Virginia Power rebate programs and in being a competively priced supplier of lighitng solutions that meet rebate program specifications.  To request the free walk through, simply email or call us!

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