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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Green Light Energy would like to thank our many customers for another successful year, especially Washington DC property management companies Associa/CMC, Legum & Norman, and Cardinal Management.  We look forward to continuing to working closely with all of our customers in 2017 to provide high quality, well priced lighting systems and to help them secure all available utility lighting rebates.

We will continue our free walkthrough service in 2017, enabling property managers to access a free written report regarding the economics of conversion to more efficient lighting in their buildings. Contact to request. 

With no dedicated ties to specific product manufacturers, Green Light Energy continues to represent true objective insight, high responsiveness, and high price competitiveness to the property management community.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Expansion of Services: HVAC, Water Sytems, Performance Contracting

Property Managers:

Your HVAC and water systems are some of your biggest potential liabilities and also represent some of your biggest potential efficiency gains if proper decisions regarding these systems are made.  Many boards are daunted, however, by the complexities of the systems and of the potential alternatives to their current configuration. Typically, boards turn to utility companies and a handful of local contractors for ideas when evaluating options, and are often displeased with the level of expertise and financing options they find.

To address your need in this area, Green Light Energy has partnered with The Efficiency Network (TEN), an arch competitor of companies such as Johnson Controls, to deliver customized energy efficiency projects.  TEN develops, designs, engineers, and finances turnkey energy-saving retrofit projects that address HVAC, envelope, and water systems. 

TEN represents $500mm in project experience and offers budget-neutral energy and water efficiency projects to large and small building owners, in the public and private sectors, through a variety of contracting models.  Importantly, they provide extremely competitive performance contracting, which means your next project may not require an upfront capital outlay. TEN also partners with Green Light Energy to deliver our lighting solutions in a performance contracting model.

You have a lot on the line when addressing your major mechanical systems; for a free walkthrough to assess what your next facility systems project might require, please contact Green Light Energy today.

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