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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Green Light Energy Announces Launch of Energy Audit Services

As an extension of the lighting assessment work that Green Light Energy has been performing for years for property managers, we now provide energy audits of all main building systems.

An energy audit is a review of a building’s heating, cooling and lighting systems, water consumption, ventilation, control systems, and the building envelope.   Energy used in manufacturing and production, "process" energy, may also be evaluated.

Energy audits are performed by engineers with significant experience evaluating energy systems in commercial, residential, and industrial facilities.

Green Light Energy has deep and broad energy auditing experience. Every building is different, and we understand and focus on that fact. We approach each assignment with the goal of finding energy savings opportunities for that particular building. We have worked with clients having a single building in one location or dozens of buildings nationwide. Our professional team has the skills and experience necessary to handle portfolio-scale assignments.

We offer a truly independent, unbiased perspective. We are not affiliated with any energy supplier, utility, or manufacturer. We do not perform energy audits with the intention of selling our clients more services at the end of the audit. We act independently and solely on behalf of our client’s best interest. As we focus on providing accurate, reliable, and thorough information, we uncover operational improvements that can have an immediate impact on the bottom line.

Energy audit reports provide a detailed description of the building’s energy-related systems, a list of opportunities for energy reduction, estimated implementation costs of energy cost reduction measures (ECRMs), and the financial metrics to aid the building owner with decision-making. Our reports can be either customized according to client needs, or standardized according to the ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers) reporting model.

Our goal is to find ways to cut energy use and realize energy cost savings. We emphasize these results in our reports, together with the data and rationale that might be necessary to get senior management approval for projects our client wishes to pursue. Our energy audits typically identify cost reduction opportunities in the 5% to 20% range from improvements with less than a 5-year payback.

We perform energy audits for several building types and for LEED for Existing Buildings prerequisites and credits.

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